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Solitaire – Guide to Playing The Vegas Scoring Mode on PC

One of the main features of this Solitaire game that MobilityWare published is that you will be able to customize the game modes. One of the things that you can customize is the scoring of the game. It is set at the Standard scoring, which is the scoring system that all classic Solitaire games use . But there are also 2 other scoring systems you can use, the Vegas Scoring and the Vegas Cumulative.

The Vegas Cumulative is similar to the Vegas scoring, except you get to keep a cumulative score of all your Vegas games. Now the Vegas scoring is defined as wagering points that you try to earn back. Now, this simple definition can be a bit confusing. Don’t worry, as this article will provide a guide on how to play the Vegas Scoring mode in Solitaire.


Vegas Scoring in Solitaire


What Is Vegas Scoring?

Vegas scoring is one of the scoring modes that you can play in Solitaire. In this game, you will be putting on a wager and then trying to win that back. It goes like this, you will start the game with a score of -52, which is your wager (it’s basically -1 per card). Your goal is to try and win back that wagered score. So this game is not about trying to solve the given hand, but more about trying to win back the -52 that you wagered.

How Do You Score in Vegas Scoring?

To score in Vegas scoring, , you need to put cards in the foundation. The process means placing the Aces, 2s, and so on in order, just like in real Solitaire. You earn back 5 points whenever you place cards in the foundation. So to get back what you wagered, you will need to place at least 11 cards on the foundation to get a positive score of 3. The overall objective in the game is to score as many points as possible. But this is easier said than done.

Important Things to Remember in Vegas Scoring

Your moves in a standard scoring Solitaire is dependent on whether you still have cards to place on the board or on the foundation. Vegas scoring is a bit different since your moves here will be more limited. You can only view the deck once in this game. So, you will have to be very careful in opening the deck and making sure that there aren’t any moves available before moving forward.

Eventually, this idea makes winning in this game much harder than the standard scoring. Also, You can’t rely on putting the deck back and opening it again to make more moves again. For example, you saw an 8 of diamonds, but there’s no move available.


Vegas Scoring Technique in Solitaire


So you keep on opening until you are able to place a 9 clover on the board. But you can’t use the 8 of diamonds again unless all the cards you opened after it will either be placed on the board or on the foundation.

Take note that you will have to be careful and sure about your moves. Plus, you will need to have a keen eye so you won’t miss any possible moves that you could have made earlier. It’s a great game that you can challenge yourself with. Just try to beat your previous score, since winning a hand will be very hard on the Vegas Scoring mode. Download the game here